3 Great Uses for Mango Butter

3 Great Uses for Mango Butter

You may be surprise to learn that mangoes are much more than delicious, you can add great for skin to that list as well. Mango butter is a soft solid with a very slight sweet scent. It is extracted from the de-shelled fruit kernels of the mango tree once extracted from its fruit kernels it is heated and boiled to get the right consistency. Mango butter has natural emollient properties, high oxidative ability, wound healing, and regenerative activity due to its high unsaponiable.

1. Body and Hair Care

I might have given this use away in the paragraph above but mango isn’t to bad for hair and skin care. Mango butter can be used in the shower in a non-drying soap or as a conditioner replenishing hair natural nutrients.

2. Moisturizer

Use mango butter as a deep-skin moisturizer to help smooth wrinkles. As mentioned above mango butter has regenerative properties which lend themselves to use after skin exfoliation and can even help repair sun-damaged skin, smooth acne scarring and fade stretch marks. It has similar properties to Shea and cocoa butter. Mango butter is generally hard at room temperature, but with application to skin it softens and smooths over skin, creating a moisturizing layer.

3. Massage

Use mango butter as a massage cream. It will moisturize skin as massage occurs and calms and relaxes the person with its sweet smell. Mango butter is also said to heal muscle fatigue and aches.

So next time you take a yummy bite from a mango, you’ll know the same fruit could do wonders for your skin. In addition we here at Jolly Africa offer raw mango butter as well other natural butters such as Shea, Aloe Vera, and Cocoa Butter.

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